Construction Management & Owner’s Representation

Williams has a unique philosophy that will change the way your project is managed.

By presenting a broad array of options and recommendations early in the project, we can help ensure all aspects of your project are planned for success. From contractor selection, schedule and student safeguards, community relations, and measurable milestones of success, we are with you every step of the way.

Our goal on every project is to yield positive relationships. After gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and objectives, Williams will lead the team through budgetary, scheduling and feasibility reviews.

Specializing In

  • Programming and design kickoff
  • Facilitating architect selection
  • RFQ and RFP preparation for GC/CM procurement
  • Contract preparation and management
  • Budget management and reporting
  • Facilitating all design and construction meetings
  • Managing baseline of design held to preset benchmarks


  • Manage, write and review all contracts
  • Approve and recommend final GC/CM fees and budgets
  • Direct bid process
  • Facilitate all construction meetings
  • Work with architect CA on constructability and manage all construction
  • Warranty and close out

Value Add Approach to Design and Construction

Through our approach to managing design and construction, we strive to allow added value for every project. We will change the paradigm and Value Add features and amenities into your project, and/or oversee a Value Engineer process (VE) when budget concerns are present.

Let’s Change the Way We Deliver Projects

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can change the way you deliver projects.

Project Experience

Beaverhead County High School
CTE/ Science Building Construction and Main Building Renovations

100,000 square feet | $10 Million | GC/CM

In an effort to repair, remodel and renew aging facilities, Beaverhead County High School community has raised the appropriate funds necessary to fund a project involving the remodel/ update of two facilities and the new construction of a third educational building. Williams Consulting was honored to assist Dillon’s community with this project.

Montana State University
New Freshman Residence Hall

122,500 square feet | $38 Million | LEED Silver | GC/CM

As part of a capital improvement plan, MSU borrowed $60 million to construct a new freshman residence facility, renovate the existing dining halls and perform necessary building R and R. We managed the project from the beginning of programming through all of the design and the bulk of construction on this amazing building.

We were successful in designing the building with our architect and GC/CM to come in under budget, while value adding many features desired by the architect. This is the largest project to be done by the state and serves as an example of a truly integrated GC/CM designed and constructed building.

Montana State University
Gallatin Residence Hall

30,000 square feet | 72 Bed | $8.2 Million | LEED Gold

Gallatin Hall is one of the newest residence halls in Montana and is part of the infrastructure and facility improvements sparked by the Director of Auxiliaries for Montana State. This upper class residence hall is designed as suite-style living and supports modern construction techniques with steel/concrete construction, efficient MEP systems and contemporary finishes.

This is a LEED Gold building, designed by SMA Architects and constructed through the GC/CM delivery method with Jackson Contractor Group.

This project was delivered on budget and on time and the owners group received value added features through efficient management practices and team building.

GC/CM designed and constructed building.

Montana State University
Miller Dining Hall

55,000+ square feet | $14 Million | LEED Silver | GG/CM

As part of its capital improvement, Montana State renovated a 50-year-old dining hall. This project addressed seismic upgrades, accessibility upgrades, and total renovation of all architecture, MEP systems and site improvements. This project received LEED certificates and two prestigious awards:

  • (MCA) Award for Innovative Design and Construction
  • 2016 Grand National Award for University Dining Halls

Additional Project Experience

Federal Seismic Upgrades
GC/CM, Langlas and Associates
$3.2 Million
Worked with State A/E

Creative Arts Complex
Cheever 215 Lecture Hall
$1 Million

Helena Aviation Readiness Center
Helena Airport
Swank Enterprises
$30 Million

MSU Dining Hall Renovations
Swank Enterprises
$18 Million

MSU High Rise Residence Hall Renovations
ADA Compliance

Livingston Soccer Fieldhouse
Spring Corp
$75 Million

Hapner and Langford Hall Renovations
GC/CM, Martel
$6.8 Million

Belgrade Water Replacement Project
Sime Construction/
TD and H Engineering
(Civil project)
$3.2 Million

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