Author: Williams Plumbing

How to Connect PEX-A to PEX-B

Knowing how to transition from PEX-A to PEX-B (or vice versa) is a highly useful skill if you’re a DIYer. Consider a home expansion project. If your house was plumbed in PEX-A, but you want your new addition in PEX-B, you’ll need to know how to make a permanent, quality connection between the two PEX more »

How to Fix an Emergency Leak

Over time, copper pipes will wear down. The result? Pinhole leaks. If you’re a homeowner, a pinhole leak can be a major headache — especially if it happens at night. The good news? There are simple ways to temporarily fix the leak yourself, so you can avoid an emergency visit from your local plumber. A more »

Hydronic vs Forced-Air vs Mini-Split Systems

What is the best residential heating system? Good question. There are three common types: hydronic systems, force-air systems, and ductless mini-splits. Each has their own set of pros and cons. We’ve installed all three, so we’re prepared to give you the most unbiased opinion out there. Let’s dive in. Hydronic Systems A hydronic system uses more »

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