Is your plumbing or heating system in need of emergency repairs? Or, maybe it’s time for a yearly checkup?

Williams has service branches located throughout Montana and North Dakota offering world class service, unmatched by any plumbing company in the industry.

  • Williams Plumbing - Exceptional Customer Service
    Customer Service
  • Williams Plumbing - Locally Owned and Operated
    Locally Owned
    & Operated
  • Williams Plumbing - Licensed & Insured
    & Insured
  • Williams Plumbing - Workmanship & Parts Guaranteed
    Workmanship & Parts
  • Williams Plumbing - Same Low Rates Nights & Weekends
    Same Low Rates
    Nights & Weekends
  • Williams Plumbing - Competitive Rates
  • Williams Plumbing - Courteous, Uniformed Professionals
    Courteous, Uniformed
  • Williams Plumbing - Convenient Appointment Times
    Appointment Times
  • Williams Plumbing - Special Offers

Fast, 24/7 RESPONSE

Williams is the largest service company in the area, allowing us to provide faster response times. Additionally, we offer emergency service on nights and weekends to ensure your family’s safety.


Williams was founded in 1979. As our small town’s population increased over the years, our business grew to become the largest plumbing company in the three-state region. We have over $50 million dollars’ worth of residential and commercial repairs.

Licensed and Certified

Williams’ service technicians are licensed and certified. With our extensive knowledge and experience, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Insured & Bonded

Our bonding is supported by our surety on projects up to $40 Million.  Williams is insured up to $15 Million to provide our customers peace-of-mind.


Williams attributes our success to excellent customer service. We believe that treating our customers and contractors honestly and fairly while building good relationships is the recipe for success.

Our Service Team

  • Melissa Crowe, Service Administrator
    Melissa Crowe
  • Amy Stokes, Dispatcher
    Amy Stokes
  • Mandie Poole, Dispatcher
    Mandie Poole
  • Brian Smith, Service TechnicianBrian Smith
    Service Technician
  • Craig Henson<br /><em>Service TechnicianCraig Henson
    Service Technician
  • Derek Scott<br /><em>Service TechnicianDerek Scott
    Service Technician
  • Grant Rigby<br /><em>Service TechnicianGrant Rigby
    Service Technician
  • Jeff Kerznar<br /><em>Service TechnicianJeff Kerznar
    Service Technician
  • Jeff Smith<br /><em>Service TechnicianJeff Smith
    Service Technician
  • John Risteau<br /><em>Service TechnicianJohn Risteau
    Service Technician
  • Mike Ellingsworth<br /><em>Service TechnicianMike Ellingsworth
    Service Technician
  • Nick Kutzko<br /><em>Service TechnicianNick Kutzko
    Service Technician
  • Travis Farnum<br /><em>Service TechnicianTravis Farnum
    Service Technician
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